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March - November: Riding Holidays on Shapourkhast Farm

Riding Holidays on the Shapoukhast Farm in Azna: closing the yard gate you leave behind the hustle and bustle of day - to - day life for a while. Relax, read, dream, remembering impressions of the surrounding and of previous walks. When the gate of the complex opens you go for walks and of course long rides. Early in the morning climbing the mountain right in front of the farm, or in the late afternoon you might go for a stroll in the extensive valley behind the house. In the evening just let the day pass revue in front of the fire….
Riding Holidays on the Shapourkhast Farm in Lorestan is an ideal vacation for people who want to get away from it all and just relax; ideal as well for more comfort – seeking riders who prefer to spend the night in a bed rather than a tent, also for families with children. You can take your stay the way you ever like. Riding Tours you can adjust to your own condition. Be it the cultural history or the nature of the country site, there is something for everybody to spend their days. Accommodation is in simple rooms built in Persian style. Catering consists of the traditional Persian cuisine, as far as possible with our own ecological products. For children to spend a carefree holiday there is plenty of free space and possibilities.
Cultur Option: Isfahan - Tehran