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May/June: Lorestan Nomad-Trail

This 8-day tour leads us partly along the old trade route between Central Persia and Khuzestan, the east of Mesopotamia. There appear remnants of old castles and caravanserais, names like Castle above the Flowers, Nassir Castle, and Chameshk Caravanserai. In addition, the cobbled Dalij Pass and Kapkan Caves remind us of the rich cultural past of this region.
Adventurous paths lead us into a wild impressive mountainous world that let us forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unforgettable is the helpful and sincere hospitality the nomads of Lorestan extend towards guests. Without them, it would be practically impossible to cross these remote places.
This trail with a length of more than 300 km and the demand for cross four mountain ranges, pays out how intelligent the horses are, how sure-footed, never tiring as well as well trained: real ‘Persian’ Arab horses. Above all challenges stands crossing Kuhe Kala Mountain with an altitude of 3000 m on the last day of the ride; it is highly demanding for the horses and riders. Tired but proud of our achievement, in the evening we arrive back home at our Shapoukhast Farm.
Due to road conditions our escort vehicles are sometimes not able to follow us, but they are always within reach and meet us in the evening at our sites.
Narrow and stony mountain passes, vast plains, clear rivers, the picturesque shape of the stone oaks, the never-ending meadows of flowers, and last but not least the famous water-falls: in short, it is a landscape to fall in love with – an unforgettable ride.
Cultur Option: Isfahan - Tehran