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February/March: Khuzestan Adventure-Trail

The New Year begins - how could it be otherwise - with a ride in Khuzestan. In this southern province of Iran we meet spring already, whereas the northern mountainous areas are still covered with snow.
This 7-day excursion mostly leads us through a lonely and deserted region; it is still untouched by any modern development despite the proximity to the city of Masjed Soleyman, where in 1908 Crude Oil was first found in Iran. Some of the few ancient villages still have no electricity and no road access.
The landscape offers almost everything typical to this southern edge of the Zagros Mountains. On adventurous paths we ride uphill and downhill, through deep gorges and alongside abysses - crossing the river again and again. The Rude Shur (Salty River) winds through the wild and rugged foothills parallel to the Zagros Mountains in the direction of Shushtar. Close to Tange Aghili it flows into the Karoun, one of the most important rivers of Iran. Both rivers together then make their way through a narrow gorge. According to tradition, this place is popular with Bakhtiari Nomads to live during winter months - and a worthy place for us to spend the last night of our ride.
Those who want can use the afternoon for a 30-minute boat ride to the city of Shushtar. The speedy ride on the wide Karoun River is an experience in itself, but also Shushtar with its numerous ancient mills is worth a visit.
In the next and last day of our trip we ride after an extended breakfast in the direction of Aghili. For the last time we cross our river and pass through acres and little villages; and we finally receive a warm welcome on the farm of the Shahabpour family early in the afternoon.
Cultur Option: Shiraz - Khuzestan - Tehran