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We have no fixed schedule but we will try to suit your requests within the possibilities of the respective season.
Trail Rides: 220 €/night
Trekking Tours: 100 €/night
Shapourkhast Farm - overnight stay: 35 €/night
                                  overnight stay with riding: 95 €/night
                                  over night stay with trekking: 65 €/night
Cultural Option: 180 €/night

The above mentioned prices do not include visa expenses, risk insurance, air flight to Tehran and transportation from and to International Airport. But all further transport costs, entrance fees, full catering and of course use of horses, saddles and camping equipment.
The participants have to look after their own insurances at the beginning of the trip. They need to report to us any health problems or risks before the conclusion of the contract.
We recommend insurance in case of cancellation of the journey, a health insurance for the journey including return to home country i.e. insurance against accidents for the time of their stay in Iran.
To bring: a sleeping bag, camping mat, rain clothes and for trekkers also a rucksack.
Group: Not more than 5 guest-riders or 8 guest-trekkers; accompanied by the team from Shapourkhast Farm.
Horses & Riders: All Persian Arab Horses from the breeding stud of Shapourkhast Farm are experienced and well trained for trail rides. Traditionally, Persian Arab Horses are bred for their good character and good riding qualities. Thus all you will find with us are spirited, happy to go and surefooted horses. Our horses are composed reasonable to be ridden without problems, if you as a rider have a light hand and balanced seat in all paces. And you should have sufficient experience in open terrain.
Pace (riding): Adjusted to the terrain.
4 – 8 hours per day
Max. Body Weight(riding):
85 kg (more after agreement)
Simple but comfortable rooms for 2 persons with shower and WC on the Shapourkhast Farm; on tours tents with appropriate service; Traditional Hotels during 'cultural options'.
How to Book:
Quite simple: You contact us and after checking the possibility of the time you want, you make an agreement with us. info@iranridingtours.de Or, more simple: Book with one of our :

Details any time after inquiry and we are at any time available to you for further information.