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Shapourkhast Farm

The Shapourkhast Farm is situated in the Province of Lorestan in the centre of the Zagros Mountains. This region was once of great cultural significance – iron had been used already since 7000 BC. The area is surely even today one of the most picturesque and wildest regions of Iran. It is completely untouched by tourism and thus ideal for riding and trekking tours off the beaten track. unique is here the still-lived nomadic culture.
For generations in spring the nomad tribes of this region, the Lores and Bakhtiaries, move from the low land on the southern edge of the Zagros Mountains up to the heights of more than 2000m to reach their northern summer pastures. In autumn they return through the same way south. This annual trek across the montains is considered the most spectacular herd migration in the world.
The beginning of the ecological Shapourkhast Farm dates back to 30 years ago. What the family Gottstein-Ghalavand at that time started in that deserted part of the country has developed into a small village today. Several families are living here; the government of Lorestan has built a meteorological station and students are given the opportunity for field experiences. As far as possible built in the Persian style, with simple but comfortable rooms the farm is nestled in the fields of corn, of alfalfa and of saffron. In its environment you will find flowers, fruit and walnut trees, and last but not least 'Persian' Arab horses. The conditions to ride around the farm are almost ideal. - All in all: A romantic place with overwhelming charm.

Shapourkhast Team